STEM crew visit Dunmullan Primary School

STEM crew visit Dunmullan Primary School Northern IrelandThanks to the South West College’s new InnoTech Centre pupils from Dunmullan Primary School were given the opportunity to use state of the art 3D scanning equipment. The workshop was part of a drive by the South West College to increase pupil’s awareness in the STEM subjects of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

The pupils were initially given a demonstration the 3D scanner in action and then the pupils were able to get involved, making model drinks bottles from play dough and getting the opportunity to use the scanner to recreate a 3D file of one of the bottles they had made.

The InnoTech team also made replicas of each bottle the pupils had made and filmed the process involved from 3D scanning, computer editing, and printing and returned to the school with the printed models to enhance the pupils learning.

‘…The pupils really enjoyed seeing their play dough models being brought to a final 3D printed product and it was great for them to get to use the 3D scanner by themselves’, Mrs Lorna Mullan, Teacher, Dunmullan Primary School.

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‘The InnoTech Centre is financed by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) through its Innovation Fund Employer Support Programme.’