Carbon Footprint Programme Launched

STEM crew from InnoTech Centre Northern Ireland are offering a new STEM activity – Carbon FootprintTo help promote the STEM agenda the InnoTech Centre have launched their Carbon Footprint Programme.

The InnoTech Centre is offering short sessions to schools to introduce students to their carbon footprint through experiments, videos and interactive activities.

The Innotech team aim to get students up to date on some of the BIGGEST, most talked about science issues the world has ever had.

Overview: The carbon Footprint programme contains Science and Geography subjects that are relevant for a large age range; it can be modified to it into the curriculum for Key Stage 2, 3 & 4.

Duration: Approx 1 hour
Location: This programme can be held at your school or facilitated at the South West College Campuses.

DOWNLOAD Carbon Footprint PDF

For more information or to book this programme contact:

Innotech Centre
South West College
Cookstown Campus
Burn Road
Co Tyrone
BT80 8D

T: 028 8225 5223