Aaron Black B.Sc B.Agr

Aaron Black is a Research Lecturer in Sustainability within the InnoTech Centre.

Since graduation, Aaron has been employed by the South West College firstly as a researcher and now as a research lecturer in sustainability. His work to date has included renewable energy technologies demonstration, waste management, composting technology and on farm anaerobic digestion.

The main focus for Aaron’s work over the last three years has been on farm anaerobic digestion. This involved a major research project covering the initial scoping of the technology, system design and development, testing and lab analysis of the inputs and outputs of an AD system. This work has culminated in the construction of an on farm AD facility processing farm waste and energy crops to generate electricity and heat.

Aaron is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast in both Biological Science (2.1 Hons) and Agriculture (1st Hons). Within these degree pathways Aaron was involved in research projects covering the areas of sustainable timber production from productive pasture lands and the application of novel techniques to improve fertiliser use and efficiency.