Dr. Jill Cush PhD MEng

InnoTech Centre Manager


T: 028 8225 5223
E: jill.cush@swc.ac.uk



Jill has worked in innovation and technology development for 14 years within the high-tech start-up business sector and more recently within the Further Education sector. In her role as research lecturer Jill is responsible for co-ordination of the delivery of a range of technical innovation support services to local employers in the private and public sectors, as well as other local support agencies and stakeholders. Jill has also successfully developed and implemented SME innovation training programmes and business support programmes.

Jill is a qualified electronic engineer by profession and has held previous research and technology development positions within Amphion (SME electronic design house) and DSiP Laboratories. She holds a PhD in Digital Signal Processing from The Queen’s University of Belfast and has published a number of research papers and journal articles in the area of image and video processing. Jill has also served as a principal UK expert within the UK Imaging Processing Standards committee and is a former member of the Joint Photographics Experts Group (JPEG).