Karen Quinn FdSc, BTEC

Karen Quinn is an is InnoTech Co-ordinator in the InnoTech Centre.

Karen had formerly worked as a Datix and Datix Web Project Officer within the Western Health and Social Services Trust for Northern Ireland. This role involved data administration, management, normalization, configuration, quality and security of the system, analyzation for reports, enhancements for the system, budgetary control and the delivery of training for the system to approximate 3600 staff at all levels and grades. The successful role out of the database system was based on Prince 2 Methodology techniques.

Since working within the Western Health and Social Services Trust, Karen had worked as a Web Developer for NWIPP-Designs, North West of Ireland Publishing and Printing Ltd. This role involved heavily on the development of static and dynamic websites for clients in various industrial areas. Karen had gained experience in PHP/MYSQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, graphic design and database management.

Karen has gained her BSc Foundation Degree in Web Technology at Queens University, Belfast in conjunction with South West College. Karen has also completed the BTEC Controlling Use of Information Technology. Karen has recently received her qualification in FAST Corporate Services, Software Managers and Software Audit Certificates.