InnoTech join the Go for It Programme

InnoTech join the Go for It Programme  South West College is now a partner with local Enterprise Centres to deliver a range of Go for It programmes within the Western Area.  The Innotech Centre will be taking forward this programme on behalf of South West College.  

South West College will be delivering Pre-Start Events, Business Clinics and Training Seminars within each of the four Campus areas from September 2009 – March 2010.  The Pre-Start Events will be target to 3 areas, Woman, Ethnic Group and Mainstream and events will last for approximately 3 hours.  This will encourage people who have potential ideas for starting their own business and who need help and guidance to take their ideas forward. 

Mentoring to local startup and growth businesses will also be undertaken by some SWC/Innotech Centre staff.  Please contact Karen Anderson, T: 028 8225 5223 or email: for more information and if you would like to register for any of the events mentioned.