Iphone Web App Development

InnoTech IPhone Web App Development The Innotech Team are currently working on an Iphone web app development for a local client. The iphone web app being developed will prove to be a success for the Client.

The technology used is the Apple’s SDK development kit. Apple’s SDK package consist of various tools which are needed to create, debug, and optimize applications. Xcode is the main package within the SDK development kit and its tools include the Interface Builder, Instruments, Dashcode, Interface Builder, Simulator, Graphical Testing & Debugger, the WebObjects framework, and the complete reference documentation. The Innotech Team are using Objective-C and Java programming language and Cococa Touch Functionality to develop the Clients Apple Web App.

The SDK can be purchased through Apple’s Online Store and is for programme developers/individuals/companies who wish to sell their apps on the Apple Store online. On approval of the apple iphone web app, the developer will get 70% of sales revenue and the remaining 30% will be owned by Apple.

There are three types of Iphone Web Apps that can be developed, they are as follows:

  • Productivity Applications – i.e. Photo App
  • Utility Applications – i.e. Weather App
  • Immersive Applications – i.e. Bubble Level App

If you are interested in getting an Apple Web App developed and gaining 70% of your sales from Apple, please give the Electronic, ICT and Software Team a call on 028 8225 5223