South West College generates 5 “Clean Energy” jobs with Carbon Zero NI Programme

South West college generates 5 “Clean Energy” jobs with Carbon Zero NI Programme The South West College is delighted to announce the creation of 5 new high-tech graduate and post-graduate technology jobs in the “Clean Energy” sector with a strategic programme of technology development and innovation support to NI industry, known as ‘Carbon Zero NI’.

This programme is an ambitious drive to help industry capitalize on new opportunities in Sustainable Development and is being led by the FE sector in Northern Ireland, under the leadership of South West College. Support of more than £700,000 for the programme has been provided by the Department for Employment and Learning through the Innovation Fund, Employer Support Programme.

This initiative will help build capacity to develop new sustainable technologies, products, processes and services through delivery of high quality R&D, knowledge creation and workforce preparation. Underpinning all elements of the ‘Carbon Zero NI’ programme will be a focus on market and challenge led innovation with strong industrial engagement with key national and international players.

A three-pronged strategy for development of the ‘Carbon Zero NI’’ initiative is proposed:

1. To position the NI FE sector as an engine for the development of smart, innovative sustainable technologies in the areas of clean energy to include:

  • Wind energy
  • Energy from waste
  • Clean energy storage

with the aim of securing a genuine leadership position in the exploitation of specific technology areas in the global market.

2. To identify international market opportunities in the areas of sustainable development and clean energy and assist NI companies to exploit these opportunities. This will be facilitated via the establishment of a “Knowledge and Technology Platform” in the area of clean energy.

3. To develop a model of high impact ‘clean and green’ regional capacity building and business development programmes throughout the Northern Ireland FE sector.
The programme will also feature a “NI-Pittsburgh Sustainable Leadership Programme” which aims to develop Northern Ireland graduates through a graduate placement programme in the USA to become future renewable technology leaders for NI.