Gannonball Run 31st August 2009

InnoTech Gannonball 2009 After weeks of preparation and an intense training schedule, Team InnoTech rolled up to the start line of the GannonBall Run 2009 in style. With its royal blue paint scheme and black speed stripe, it was obvious to all that our marvel of engineering meant business from the word go!

The path wasn’t all smooth though as to compete the rules stated that all karts must weigh 110kg or less. Due to some last minute additions, our kart had went from 107.8kg to 116.5kg. With some quick thinking and lots of brute force and ignorance, we managed to get under weight once again by removing windscreen, bumpers and mudguards!

On our first run we took things cautiously to get a feel for the car and an idea of how the track rolled. Despite starting in this manner, it was clear to all that the adrenaline kicked in about half way down, when driver number two took over, Martin Carberry. On his first drive in the kart he managed a whooping 26MPH on Church Street and without touching the brakes, crossed the finish line in a full four wheel drift! This was a taste of what was to come…

Before the driver change over area, there was a large See-Saw in place for the karts to roll over on their descent of the track. A chicane was in place if you preferred to bypass said See-Saw with the addition of 5 seconds to your overall time. We however decided to hit the obstacle at full speed which performed more like a jump than a See-Saw as a result. Despite a hard landing and losing various parts of the kart in the process, we managed to secure a good time of 1.06min – not bad for a gravity powered kart over a distance of 0.6km!

Following some quick repairs and re-building we decided that if we were to win the trophy and get the fastest time of the day we needed to hit everything faster and harder in our next, and final run. With this in mind and adrenaline truly pumping, we did just that! With a fantastic start from our two top pushers, Denver Ritchie and Stuart Morrow, we continued our momentum down through Market Square and over the See-Saw. A swift changeover and another great push managed to secure us a time of 1.01min – a full 5 seconds quicker than our previous run – and a time that would gain us first place in our category.

Despite many technical mishaps and wet weather throughout the day, we all had a great time and has left us more determined to build a better and faster kart for next year – a kart that win not just our category, but the overall event!


Various photographs courtesy of JMB Event Photography: