InnoTech centre hosts international e-TQF project meeting

InnoTech centre hosts international e-TQF project meeting The InnoTech centre hosted an international partner meeting in Enniskillen campus attended by representatives from colleges in Italy, Republic of Ireland and the UK.

The InnoTech centre are one of the partners involved in the e-TQF (Teachers Qualification Framework) project. The project aims to assess the ICT competences of teachers throughout Europe through the combination of various tools. The aims and objectives of the e-TQF project are;

  • To support the continuous professional development of teachers in the use of ICTs in education.
  • To develop a tool which teachers, schools principals, education managers and education authorities can use to assess and benchmark teachers’ competency in the use of ICT in education.
  • To test the tool across all education sectors to validate its broad applicability.

Teacher further education across Europe is very diverse and on a very large scale with in-service education & further education provided for more than four million teachers. The potential impact of eTQF is very significant and large scale but given the enormous diversity across member states it will need to be promoted. In the shorter term the impact can be very beneficial for teachers and education authorities in member states who become early adopters.

During the visit, South West College hosted a seminar entitled “Use of ICT in Education”. A number of lecturers from South West College showcased their innovative uses of ICT in the classroom. Examples included the use of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Wii, Open source software, Interactive white board, innovative uses of the VLE (Virtual learning environment), and creative uses of multimedia software for the apple platform.

To support the project there is a e-Teach community of Practice Website whereby teachers across Europe can become a member and exchange ideas on best practice.

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