STEM: Exhibition at CAFRE 9th and 16th October

Visit InnoTech at CAFRE. STEM activities ran by InnoTech Centre, South West College. Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
InnoTech Centre have been invited to exhibit at CAFRE .  The main focus of the conference is Lantra and Improve Sector Skills in conjunction with CAFRE.

The InnoTech will have an exhibition displaying STEM activities which are continuously hosted by the STEM crew.

What is STEM?

‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ‘STEM activities’ are hands on or informing activities that have been set up to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects within the education sector. The idea is to prepare students for future employment involving STEM careers. The STEM sectors are becoming increasingly important and producing career opportunities for school leavers and graduates more than ever before.

Who runs STEM activities?

STEM activities are run by the InnoTech Centre and activities take place at your school or can be facilitated at a South West College campus.  This month the STEM crew are promotion the Carbon Footprint, 3D Scanning and Robotics Programme.

Carbon Footprint
This program will explain Carbon Footprints through experiments, videos and interactive activities. Why carbon footprints have come about? Who’s responsible for them? What can be done to lessen our footprint? The students will be taught about the state of the climate and how we can lessen the adverse affect we have on it.
DOWNLOAD Carbon Footprint PDF

3D Scanning
This activity will introduce students to the exciting world of 3D scanning. They will be given a demo of the 3D scanner and how it works. Students will be set the challenge of creating an object to scan in to the computer software and then see their object in a 3D model format on the computer screen. This activity aims to introduce students to the wonder of 3D scanning.

This robotics program will introduce students to the Lego Mindstorm robot. An example of the capabilities of Mindstorm will be shown to students and they will get to experiment with some of these capabilities. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the sensors used by The Mindstorm Robot. They will learn about the origins and everyday uses of ultrasonic, light and sound sensors, and micro switches. Students will plan a program to negotiate the robot through a predetermined course and use the robot for other interactive games.

If you are interested in booking a STEM activity in your school or want to find out more information on STEM us on 028 822 55223 or Email

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