InnoTech member joins the i-grow programme

i-grow The i-Grow programme will be hosted by a team at the Ulster Business School with the support of Babson College (Boston). The programme is designed to assist key FE/HE participants to develop their knowledge and skills surrounding business development and innovation and provide a forum for engagement with businesses from the engineering, technology, digital media and agri-food sectors.

In overview, Shirley from the InnoTech Design team will complete two postgraduate modules from the MSc Business Development and Innovation programme;

  • Strategy – 3 day workshop 20th – 22nd October 2009 at University of Ulster
  • Babson Business Development Study Visit, – 4 day workshop 8-13th November 2009, Babson College, Boston

Both modules study will involve a programme of business development case studies, guest speakers, study visits to NI/US and are designed to develop knowledge of business development and growth strategies. It is also anticipated that engagement with other participants on the MSc programme, including owner/managers from engineering, technology, digital media and agri-food sectors, will provide a rich learning opportunity. Following the Babson visit participants will meet again at Ulster to debrief, outline future opportunities and potential collaborative projects.