STEM Activity Day Friday 13th November 2009

STEM: sScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Northern IRrlandInnoTech Centre host STEM activity day on Friday 13th November at South West College Dungannon Campus.
What is STEM?

‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ‘STEM activities’ are hands on or informing activities that have been set up to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects within the education sector. The idea is to prepare students for future employment involving STEM careers. The STEM sectors are becoming increasingly important and producing career opportunities for school leavers and graduates more than ever before.

Who runs STEM activities?
STEM activities are run by the InnoTech Centre and activities take place at your school or can be facilitated at a South West College campus.

The STEM activity day
The event will capture imaginations as students experimented with robots, checke their carbon footprint, build highly skilled engineering structures and a racing car that could potentially break the world speed barrier!

  •  Robotics… The robotics event will provide an introduction to Lego’s Mindstorm robot. Examples of some of Mindstorm’s capabilities will be demonstrated. A detailed explanation of the sensors used by the Mindstorm robot will be provided. The origins and everyday uses of ultrasonic sensors, light sensors, sound sensors and micro switches will be discussed. The participants will have the opportunity to plan a program to negotiate the Mindstorm robot through a predetermined course and become involved in other interactive games.
  • Engineering Conquests… This program will introduce students to engineering concepts. They will have the opportunity to observe how structures react when loads of varying weights are applied. The students will be presented with an engineering challenge where they will have the opportunity to construct a model applying the skills they have learned.
  • Carbon Footprint… This program will explain Carbon Footprints through experiments, videos and interactive activities. Why carbon footprints have come about? Who’s responsible for them? What can be done to lessen our footprint? The students will be taught about the state of the climate and how we can lower the negative impact we have on it.
  • 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering… This activity will introduce students to the world of 3D scanning. A demo of the 3D scanner will lead to students creating their own models to scan. This activity aims to introduce students to new 3D Scanning technologies.
  • Bloodhound Challenge… EPSRC research is helping design and build a car capable of 1,000 mph – can Bloodhound SSC break the world land speed record and inspire a new generation of British engineers?


For more information on how your school can get involved in STEM activities please contact us on 028 8225 5223 or