InnoTech Centre unwraps the science of Christmas

STEM - The Science of ChristmasSnow, fairy lights and baubles were just some of the festive favourites to go under the microscope today as Dungannon students explored the science of Christmas during a special themed lecture held at South West College.


Organised by the InnoTech Centre and Donaghmore-based social enterprise organisation, BEAM Creative Network, the event was designed to drive greater interest and awareness of STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – by analysing some of the most enjoyable features of the festive season.

With fun and discovery at the top of the lesson plan, the Bardic Theatre Group set the scene with a live Christmas-themed performance before guest science buffs Professor Snow and Dr Tinsel guided the students through a variety of exciting experiments that saw them create artificial snow and liquids that glow in the dark.

Jill Cush, Research Lecturer at the InnoTech Centre, said the ‘Science of Christmas’ was a fun way to get students thinking about science, technology and engineering for future career options:

“Christmas is a time of excitement and discovery – even if it’s just finding out what presents are wrapped up under the tree. By encouraging our students to explore many of the season’s best-loved traditions and themes, we hope to inspire them to look further into the sciences that make up everyday life and the careers that reward inquiring minds,” she said.

Kathryn O’Neill, Manager of Beam Creative Network, said:

 “We are delighted to be part of such an interactive and educational programme. The ‘Science of Christmas Show’ is aimed at encouraging children to study science and is delivered in a fun, open way, whilst promoting active learning.  Through drama, we aim is to use various drama techniques to encourage young people to study the various STEM subjects in order to reduce Northern Ireland’s risk of having a serious shortage of STEM qualified people at all levels in its workforce.”

Funded by the Department for Employment and Learning, the InnoTech Centre plays an active role in helping students gain a better understanding of STEM courses open to them and career opportunities for school leavers and graduates.

Developed by the South West College, the Centre also supports local business through the delivery of innovative technological and management solutions to industrial problems and assists the uptake of modern product design.

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