Design at InnoTech can help your company unlock innovation and creativity. Innovation may be driven by technology but its impact is cultural. It is disruptive, but challenging and exciting.

By bringing innovation thinking and design directly to you, we can help you create solutions and enable you to do things in a different way. New product design, new processes, new management thinking.

Designing, Innovating
We specialise in helping you create new ideas for the future – by researching and designing new technologies and equipment. Our approach to innovation and our design skills apply to any industry. We provide synergy with other InnoTech strands – Sustainability and Electronics, Software and ICT – allows previously unthought-of levels of innovation and development.

Transferring, Exchanging
At Design @ InnoTech we are part of a network of international partners expert in cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies. We are a catalyst for transferring international expertise to local business and industry and providing practical technological support to allow commercialisation and product development.

Our support services transfer national and international thinking in design and manufacturing concepts and technology.
Us. Thinking. Creating. Doing. Helping local business and industry. Helping You.

Assisting, Tailoring
Our entire focus is on assisting our clients develop a concept that is tailored to their and their client’s particular problem – we have particular skills in designing for product, process, electronic, engineering, architectural, furniture, interior and graphic design. Our creativity and diversity provides our clients with a competitive advantage.

Prototyping, Simulating
Good innovation lies with technologies for simulating, prototyping and modelling products and services that can be made and brought to the marketplace. InnoTech offers rapid prototyping facilities to generate full colour 3D models and plastic ABS 3D models. We also offer mechanical and wood prototyping with in-house access to manufacturing equipment such as 5-Axis CNC, milling machines and lathes.

We design electronic schematics and circuits. From system design, schematic generation, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and production to testing and validation we have the ability to take your design through from concept to working prototype.

Design at InnoTech has the capability to reverse engineer designs through 3D portable scanning equipment and also manual measurement to generate 3D CAD designs and models.

We can advise on many services, these include:

  • Materials and mechanical testing.
  • Training and mentoring and design in all aspects of design, prototyping and reverse engineering solutions.
  • Advice on Intellectual Property Rights including IP protection, patenting and licensing.
  • Advice on CE marking.

The Centre offers continuous professional development and bespoke training in various aspects of Design, where we can offer flexible delivery options and also link them to applications such as 3D modelling and rapid prototyping.