The Sustainability strand at InnoTech Centre provides the expertise for businesses and entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to reality. The key to business innovation is a culture of experimentation and risk-taking.

Through cutting edge R&D we are nurturing innovation, driving technological development and building management practice to solve industrial problems.

Sustaining, Developing
Developing sustainability is a key challenge for any modern business. Practices and processes have evolved dramatically and organisations are increasingly aware of the requirement to deliver on sustainability. The results are multiple opportunities for the creation of innovative sustainable technologies. InnoTech has direct experience in this field. Together with local business.

Sustainability is South West College’s main area of specialism and has been a focus of intensive R&D for over five years, developed by applying renewable technologies at college and with industry partners.

Designing, Installing
The college has played a major role in the design and installation of many renewable technologies. Installed demonstrators include:

  • Anaerobic Digestion: 212m3 digester, 40kWe genset.
  • Biomass boilers (and associated handling systems): 150kW & 250kW willow.
  • Wind turbine: 20kWe.
  • Solar Photovoltaics: 2kW.
  • Ground source heat pump: 5kW.
  • Solar water heating: 10kW.

InnoTech specialises in applying new technologies in support of the agriculture, quarrying, engineering/manufacturing, construction and electronic industries. Allied with leading edge expertise in Design and Electronics/Software/ICT, InnoTech offers an unparalleled advantage to local business.

Training, Educating
The Centre can also provide continuous professional development and bespoke training in various aspects of sustainability.

Through the South West College InnoTech offers a Foundation Degree in Sustainability which includes modules in Business, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency.

Through its focus in the area of renewables, the college provides training in the areas of Wind Turbine and Biomass Boiler installation. The college is the only accredited supplier of wind turbine installation training in Ireland. Bespoke training courses have been developed for businesses covering their specific areas of interest, these courses have resulted in increased uptake of renewable technology and the creation of new environmentally focused businesses within the college’s catchment area.

Networking, Transferring
InnoTech is part of an international network considering sustainability issues. Through strategic partnerships sustainability at InnoTech delivers technical support services aimed at transferring national and international best practise in current and next generation technologies including deriving energy from waste, renewables, eco-building products and carbon footprint reduction.

Our experience in Tech-transfer has resulted in the installation of biomass boilers, wind turbines, anaerobic digestion and in vessel composting technologies.

The InnoTech Centre can offer assistance in design and installation of renewable energy (hydro, wind, solar PV and water heating and biomass), growing and utilisation of biomass products, energy from waste, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), carbon footprinting, sustainability policy writing for your business, eco-building design and products, composting technology and custom product development and design.

Within the sustainability strand we have graduates in science, engineering and geography. This allows the InnoTech Centre to offer services in a wide range of sustainability areas from environmental management to renewable technology design.