InterTrade Ireland Fusion Programme

Product development and innovation is at the heart of growth but often needs costly technology support. Fusion can provide that support by helping to fund a high calibre science, engineering or technology graduate and partnering you with South West College.


The graduate is employed by you and is based in your company throughout the project (12-18) with mentoring from the College and InterTrade Ireland FUSION Consultant.


Funding Available

18 Months support package – worth up to £44,250 | 58,700 typically in the area of new product/service development.


12 Months support project – worth up to £31,000 | 41,100 typically in the area of process improvement.


Am I eligible?

To qualify for financial support through the FUSION programme your business must meet the following criteria:-

  • A manufacturing or tradable services company located on the island of Ireland (Northern or Republic of Ireland)
  • Financially viable
  • 2 year trading history
  • Understanding of and capacity of innovation
  • Indigenous to the Island of Ireland
  • 5-249 Full time employees
  • Able to demonstrate the need for InterTradeIreland FUSION technical support
  • Able to demonstrate the capacity and commitment to support a FUSION project at Senior Management Level.



  • On average each company taking part in the fusion programme benefits from over £1 million worth of sales or efficiency savings in the three years following the project.
  • Develops or improves products, processes or services.
  • Streamlines business processes to increase efficiency and performance
  • Develops and implements new technologies systems or processes.
  • Improves capabilities in innovation, design and technology
  • Reduces Costs
  • Increases Sales


InterTrade Ireland Fusion Programme  

For further information about the Fusion Process, please contact Matthew Quigley.
E: | T: 028 8225 5223 |