The InnoTech Centre aims to help businesses in specialised research and innovative product development by using essential skills and experience of our qualified staff.

Our International Programmes which are currently available are detailed below. Please click on ‘More information’ to find out how to meet the criteria eligibility, how to apply and contact details of the person who you can contact if you wish to discuss any of the issues directly.

DEFMA (Digital and Environmental Skills for Facilities Management)

To improve the environmental & sustainability skills needs of facility managers

This will be done by delivering a modular VET course and open educational resources on environment technologies & sustainable building services.

Renewable Engine

Renewable Engine is an exciting cross-border Research and Innovation (R&I) project aimed at facilitating direct knowledge transfer and technology development in the Renewable Energy and Advanced Manufacturing sectors through the provision of industrial research support and technology development grants to industrial partners.


FREED will support existing and start-up SME’s to utilise and develop innovative energy technologies as viable business offerings